4th Anniversary Celebrations Blog Hop – Secret Cravings Publishing 10-11 January


Secret Cravings Publishing is 4 years old this weekend and they’re having a blog hop to celebrate.

I’d like to encourage everyone to check out all the participating authors, and hear all the stories.

And, this gives me the perfect opportunity to tell my story.

How do I thank someone who changed my life?

Answer? I cant, it’s impossible, but here goes…

In 2009 I was a book-keeper with a newly discovered love of writing, and a folder on my desktop ambitiously titled ‘Carolyn’s Books’

I knew nothing about editing, or how books appeared in the world…well, let’s face it, I was clueless about everything. I started researching publishers, just in case I was brave enough to take my writing further.

My first introduction to Secret Cravings Publishing was through their website.  I liked the name.  I loved the ribbon heart logo, so I started exploring.

SCP Logo

The more I read, the more impressed I became.  I bookmarked their page, and waited until I built up enough courage to do something about it.


By this time, I had joined the RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) and submitted one of my stories, The Hostage, into a couple of contests.  To my utter shock I was listed as a finalist for both of them.  I was flabbergasted when I actually won one of them, the RWA Emerald Award for unpublished authors.  I had a trophy. A writing trophy! Maybe, just maybe, I could write? Bolstering my courage with an entire bar of chocolate, I composed and sent a submission letter to Secret Cravings offering a Romantic Suspense novella called Diplomat’s Daughter. It was the first book I ever wrote.  It was number one in my ‘Carolyn’s Books’ desktop folder

They said yes.  I had my first contract. More chocolate was consumed.

A couple of months later, I received my first ever book cover…cue chocolate overload.

DiplomatsDaughter small

The editing process for this debut book was daunting, scary and lots of hard work. I quickly found out books don’t magically appear as soon as you send a manuscript to a publisher, but my editor, Tara, was incredibly supportive, and Secret Cravings helped me every step of the way.  They answered all my naive, idiotic questions and helped me to turn a raw manuscript into a published book.

Something amazing happened the following year.  That very same book won the RWA ‘Ella’ award for 2013 Novella of the year. My second writing trophy.


Ella winners slide

Fast forward to 2015.  I just received my fourth writing award nomination.  I have eight books published through Secret Cravings with another two coming out this year.  After my second book, I was allocated a new permanent editor, Larriane, who keeps me on my toes, instructs me on how to correct my mistakes, and  generally makes my books awesome.

I hope she doesn’t ever try and leave me, otherwise I may have to track her down.  I write books about covert operatives and secret agents, you know. I’ve learned a trick or two during my research. I’m pretty sure I could find her if she tried to escape being my editor… (only kidding, Larriane…probably)

Okay.  That’s my author story, and it brings me back to my original question.

How do I thank Secret Cravings for everything they’ve done for me? I have no idea.  I guess in this case, a few pictures really does add up to a thousand words.

This image describes my writing life in 2009.


The following pictures describe it in 2015

My stash of book goodies.


Receiving the Emerald Winning certificate and a finalist certificate for the Daphne Du Maurier Awards.


My incoherently happy speech after winning the Emerald.


Showing off the Emerald and Ella trophy’s.


My latest nomination.

Carolyn Wren

Happy 4th Anniversary Secret Cravings.

Your hard work, your ridiculously long hours and your commitment to your authors is extraordinary.

I consider myself very blessed to be part of the team. Here’s hoping 2015 and beyond brings you great happiness and great success.

With all my love and thanks

Carolyn Wren


To celebrate the blog hop I would like to offer a $10 Secret Cravings gift voucher to one person who leaves a comment.  The winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck.


21 thoughts on “4th Anniversary Celebrations Blog Hop – Secret Cravings Publishing 10-11 January

  1. What a lovely story and thanks for sharing. I’m sure, any aspiring author who read this will be galvanised into action and enthusiasm. 🙂 Congratulations.

  2. What a wonderful story, Carolyn! We are so lucky to be able to see our books published, and so lucky to have SCP, aren’t we?

  3. Wow you have done well congratulations and Happy Anniversary to SCP.


  4. Congratulations on all your success with SCP! I look forward to what you’ll be crafting next and all your success yet to come…. Thanks for being part of the celebration and for the great giveaway!

    gogi1_2 AT yahoo DOT com

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