Sun, sea, surf, a winners trophy! and books books books!



I few months ago I was privileged to attend the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference in Fremantle, Western Australia.  It’s a testament to how busy I’ve been that I’m only blogging about it now.

As part of the organizing committee, the lead up to the conference was a hectic rush of late nights, committee meetings and tons of paperwork, but it was so worth it.

The weekend started with dreadful inclement weather.  Not quite the seaside winter sunshine we were hoping for!  Never the less, everyone appeared to have a wonderful time.  Our keynote speakers, Julia Quinn, Sarah Wendell, Nina Bruhns and Kim Hudson were all such lovely ladies.

In three days we had 2 cocktail parties, one of which was a themed dress up, wall to wall daily workshops and a major awards night, where I was thrilled to be honored with the ‘Ella’ Novella of the year Award for Diplomat’s Daughter, book one in The Protectors series.

Gala table 1

Ella winners slide

My trophy is beautiful, it stands pride of place next to my Emerald Award from the previous year.



Next years conference is in Sydney, I’m sure it will be a blast.

Here is the official new book cover for Diplomat’s Daughter incorporating my winners graphic.


DiplomatsDaughter award_MED

Diplomat’s Daughter, as well as the other books in The Protectors series, including the Emerald award winning book 4 The Hostage, are available as e-books, The Hostage is also available as a paperback and on Itunes.

Check out my website for buy links.





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