Five Favourite Things Blog Hop – Prizes.

Event notice for Dec 15-16 2012

In the lead up to Christmas, my publisher Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP) is holding a giveaway entitled

Five Favorite Things’

5 favourite things

Visit the blog, find out who is participating, follow the blog spots and Facebook pages and leave a comment.

See if you can score yourself some free Christmas presents for you, or your loved ones.

Here are my five Favorite Things’

 1. Family

Even when they are all being silly.

Especially when they are all being silly!


2. Music

To love music is to love life.

My iPod holds everything from Metallica to Mozart, from The Beatles to Beethoven.  I particularly love Moonlight Sonata if I need to unwind.

Click on the picture to listen.

Single red rose on musical notes page

3. Chocolate

No list of favorite things would be complete without chocolate!


4. Rain

I love the sound on the roof at night when I am half asleep, the smell of the moisture in the air, the feel of rain on my face.


5. The Protectors Book 1, Diplomat’s Daughter.

For making my dream of becoming an Author into a reality.

DiplomatsDaughter small

Comment on this post for a chance to win a PDF copy of Diplomat’s Daughter.

Check out the blog hop and the other authors blogs to win prizes.

Read about their favorite things, and share your own.

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13 thoughts on “Five Favourite Things Blog Hop – Prizes.

  1. Don’t you just love that there are so many pieces of chocolate to choose from? I try to make it last all month long! Poor children don’t know how to appreciate it! Small bites and the calories don’t count, right?

  2. LOVE tho photo of your family, lol. My family is one of my favorite things also. I have 3 kids, a granddaughter, a husband, & a Louie (puddle/terrier mix).

  3. I love your choices, here are a few of mine:

    1. my kindle
    2. my iPod
    3. Tea
    4. seeing my nieces smile/laugh
    5. my mom’s cooking!

  4. I remember after we took this photo at Disneyland in Hong Kong. We were non-stop keep laughing of this photo. This is also one of my favourite photos too. And you are on of my favourite person in my life.

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