My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

When I got married, I was excited at the thought of buying my own Christmas decorations.  I had visions of a stunning array of lights, tinsel, twinkling glass ornaments, topped off with an enormous tree.

A month long shopping exhibition in the lead up to our first Christmas as a married couple, my husband and I gathered supplies.  Then one day I was shopping alone, and in a department store saw a ‘sale’ sign and headed towards it. The discount section featured a number of items but nothing I particularly needed.  However, tucked away in the corner I saw a battered oblong box.  Closer inspection showed it to be a Christmas tree.  The box appeared to have been water damaged, misshapen and warped, and poking out of one end was a green branch.  The tree itself was small, no more than 3 feet.  Nothing like the image in my head.

It had been marked down several times, until finally someone had scrawled $1 in marker pen across the top.

I bought it, and took it home.  Only then realizing I had somewhat of a scale problem.  Large ornaments, small tree…In fact when I decorated it, my husband laughed and said it looked like the poor little thing had been attacked by ”The Planet Christmas”

But I didn’t care.  My forlorn little tree stood proud and loved.

I have been married for 28 years, and I still have that tree.  And every year that little tree comes out of its battered box and stands tall.

I want to wish everyone a joyous, happy, wonderful holiday season.

And remember, everything can look beautiful, if someone loves it.

Carolyn Wren.



Carolyns Emerald Story

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