I looked away for a moment and technology happened…

I am an author, as you may have guessed from my blog title.  I love to write, it inspires me, makes me happy, makes my days brighter.  I am thrilled to announce my first novella will be published in November this year by secretcravingspublishing.com and it was because of this I realized that while I had my head down writing, technology had advanced around me. Suddenly there was Facebook, twitter, blogs and webpages.

Hmm I thought, this all looks interesting.  But I have written 11 books, won a writing contest and been in the finals of another so how hard can it be to set up a webpage?

Pause for laughter.

Therefore the next few blog entries will be about my attempt to create a website and sent it out into the world.  If nothing else, the experience should prove humorous and entertaining.


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